Oil and Gas Data

Δ Denotes that information is actively being updated.
Ξ Denotes that information is for historical purposes only.

Online and Downloadable Information for the Appalachian Basin**

Ξ  Basin Wide Drilling Production and Summaries (MS Excel File, 124 KB)
Ξ  Interactive map of Trenton, coal bed methane, and non-vertical wells
Δ  DOE software available for downloading
Δ  Energy Information Administration Oil and Gas Related Maps, Geospatial Data, and Geospatial Software
Ξ  TORIS Database for the Appalachian Region  (Zip Files, Excel & PNG, 343 KB)

Online and Downloadable Information by State**

Δ  Kentucky oil and gas well records
Δ  Kentucky monthly production, summary of drilling information by county
Δ  New York yearly production by well, well locations, drilling information by well, production statistics, permits
Δ  Ohio well locations, basemaps, geophysical logs, coordinate conversion software
Δ  Pennsylvania enhanced full access to records, maps, and data is available by subscription service
Δ  West Virginia monthly oil and gas production by well, accessed by permit, name, operator, or quadrangle

Statistical and Miscellaneous Information by State**

Ξ  New York State Trenton Wells (MS Excel, 121 KB)
Δ  West Virginia Trenton Wells, and other oil and gas data


** AONGRC is not responsible for the contents or operation of databases maintained by various State and Federal agencies. As a consequence, we cannot guarantee the accuracy or suitability of any data retrieved from these databases nor can we guarantee continuous access. For problems in accessing the data or questions concerning the data itself, please contact administrators of the individual websites.